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Chain Monkey – Kart Chain Tensioning Tool
GBP £19.99

Less time in the pits. More time on the track.

Kart racers and mechanics alike are looking for ways to tension the drive chain quickly, easily and on the first attempt. The movement of the engine on the chassis as its tightened down always causes the chain to be either too slack or too tight on the first attempt, resulting in time wasted trying to achieve the correct tension.

The Tru-Tension Chain Monkey solves all of these problems by applying the correct tension to the chain before the engine is tightened down. Once removed, it sets the chain with the perfect tension first time, every time, without the need for additional adjustment. So if you’re tired of wasting time to get the correct chain tension, purchase a Chain Monkey Kart today and use that time to reduce your lap times.

Available In: Australia, Europe, United Kingdom, United States of America
Condition: New

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