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Jade Karts 47 Piece Service Case Tool Kit
GBP £799.00

Jade Karts 47 npiece portable sevice kit

Supplied in Teng Tools service case, great portabilty in all circumstances
47 tools in 3 levels, easy viewing and accessibilty
Specially designed for use in the pits or on the starting grid
High quality Teng Tools throughout

Tool kit developed with Scott Allen of Jade Karts based on Teng Tools service case with carrying handle, telescopic pull along handle and wheels with suspension. Ideal for all kinds of karts, for use in the pits or on the starting grid.

Code/product Description
TC-SC Service case
TT917N 7 pc screwdriver set
TT440-T 4 pc plier set
TT474-5 4 pc 5″ circlip plier set
TT00 Storage tray for nuts amd bolts etc
Combination spanners mm 8, 10 (2), 13 (2), 17 (2), 15, 19
TTALU Clip rail set in TT tray to hold up to 32 sockets
3800FRP 3/8″ drive FRP ratchet
3/8″ drive deep sockets mm 10, 13, 22
3/8″ drive extension bar mm 150 (6″)
3/8″ drive spark plug sockets mm 16, 21
1/4″ drive ratchet Mini palm ratchet with T handle
Accessories 1/4″ drive bit adaptor, 1/4″ hex 3 mm hex bits – 25mm L
TTHEX7 7 pc T handle hex key set, 2.5 – 8 mm
Cutting tools 5″ flush cut pliers, 5 1/2″ electricians scissors
Hammers 12 oz ball pein, rubber/nylon soft face
T handle nut drivers 10 & 13 mm
Measuring tools 3 M measuring tape, 200 mm steel rule
Fugures in brackets show items supplied in more than 1 of the same.

Available In: Europe, United Kingdom
Condition: New

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